Dear Valued Client.

Given the issue of high internet bandwidth requirement for IPTV, it is clear that many UK expats will find themselves with poor and unreliable TV.

Especially those with wifi or non landline connections.

It may also be an issue for those with good Fiber connections if the providers cannot keep up with the high demand IPTV in its various guises.

There is another option. It is well known that for some time, BBC, ITV  Ch5 and Ch4 have been broadcasting live channels on Intelsat 27 degrees west.

These channels are broadcast in full HD as well as SD and currently there are a range of BBC radio stations too.

This service often referred to as "Sat Back" This serves as a back up transmission  for the UK digital terrestrial or free view masts in the UK.

This service is not intended for public viewing.

The signals are transmitted in an unusual symbol rate and are also encrypted.

However, there are certain consumer grade Satellite set top boxes that are capable of receiving these stations.

You would require a dish of approx. 1m. Most people here in the CDS already have a perfectly suitable dish.

This would need to be repositioned to point 27 degrees west of south.  

This includes regular updates and support to maintain this service for as long as we possibly can.

This service has zero requirement of internet. So its perfect for those living in areas with poor or saturated internet connections. Or those wishing to use a more reliable medium for TV broadcasting.

Channel list aprox.:

BBC One BBC Two CBBC  CBeebies UK  BBC News BBC Parliament BBC BBC One Wales BBC One Scotland BBC One Northern Ireland BBC Two BBC Four HD ITV London HD Channel 4 UK HD Channel 5 Uk HDBBC One HD  CBeebies UK HD BBC Radio 1 BBC Radio 2 BBC Radio 3 BBC Radio 4 FM BBC Radio 5 Live BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra BBC 6 Music BBC Radio 4 Extra BBC 1Xtra BBC Asian Network BBC World Service UK

Pricing: 149€ on off payment including swing your existing dish onto the 27,5 west position.

One off cost to move dish and install the decoder box  only €149 vat incl one off payment. (up to 15 km from Almuñecar call out included)

If you wish to keep your existing dish for Sky services or the remaining services on Astra28.2. we can supply and install a new 100cm dish for € 119 vat incl.

Payment terms: Install/ dish move payable to the installer in cash on the day.